Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Cupcake Activist will be a Special Guest Judge!

 Elise Wallace is the founder and chief editor for, one of the foremost cupcake websites in the U.S.. Elise is a lover of all things sweet, but has always had a deeper affinity for cupcakes. So when the cupcake craze struck and shops began to open up everywhere, she found her new calling in life, reviewing the latest recipes, bake shops, trends, and all other things cupcake-related. Her website has brought us reviews from local Orange County shops, to cupcakes from across the country, and even chronicles her search for cupcakes in places as far off as Rome, Italy. Elise has been a judge at many popular cupcake competitions, including Cupcake Camp OC and the OC Fair’s first cupcake competition. And now at Sugar Rush!


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